About the Book
We are living during an "Apocalyptic Period", as death and destruction are everywhere. COVID-19, George Floyd, and the 400-year affliction of Slavery have changed the world.

After 46 years of spiritual research and guiding a host of celebrities to fame and fortune, I wrote this book to help you better understand how “Armageddon Has Arrived”, providing facts, formulas, and solutions to help you navigate through the hurdles and traps that compromise good health and success.

Armageddon is a catalyst for change, and is here to cleanup a filthy and greedy world by transferring power from the rich to the poor.

About the Book

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Paperback Release: 3.9.21
Ebook Release: 3.15.21

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After 400-years of slavery, Armageddon Has Arrived was written to empower readers with a better understanding of the Creator, Spiritual laws and the final battle of “Good vs. Evil.” The book is supported by the Transfer of Power (TOP) initiative which was developed to help students and young adults “Rise To The Top” by learning about God’s Grand Plan, as well as their own purpose in life.

To achieve safe long-term success you must be able to connect God with: numbers, current events, Armageddon, religion, politics; and the very important Hear-after. There will be videos, reports, conferences, workshops, and other activities to support the movement.

"Like Pharaoh, many will choose to lose it all before adhering to the warnings, because according to the scriptures
'the meek shall inherit the earth' and there is nothing you can do about it."

Armageddon Has Arrived (AHA) is a unique ground-breaking initiative that’s more than just a Book, Film, Album, Apparel Line or TV Show. The global project is also focused on social justice, economic equality and spiritual empowerment. AHA, supported by Higher Authorities and a host of partners, is on a mission to restore order to the planet through events, activities and opportunities designed to stop violence, eliminate poverty and prepare us for the war of Armageddon.

As Warner’s, Watchers and Warriors for peace, we are ready and prepared to use our influence and resources to rebuild America, as well as nations abroad through our partnership with the United Nations. Now that the biblical 400-year affliction of slavery is over, and the Transfer of Power (TOP) is making major strives, it’s important that we stay focused on the "Grand Plan For Man" and follow the 12 R’s 4 Power so we can win the war and make this a safer and better world. United, we will continue to “Be the Difference.”

About the Initiative



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