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When politicians can’t fix our problems, it’s up to “We, The People” to find solutions. A-GROUP (Artists, Athletes, Actors, Authors & Activists 4 Action Group) is a unique groundbreaking initiative for social and economic justice, racial equality, criminal justice reform, and political and spiritual empowerment. Celebrities care about their fans. This “Call To Action” is asking the STARS to join our movement to hold politicians, clergy and executives that aren’t part of a solution to improve our communities, accountable for their actions. Now that 400 -years of “chattel slavery” has ended, the “Transfer of Power” (TOP) mentioned in Genesis 15: 13-14 is being fulfilled. Just look around you! We know the awesome power in Music, Sports, Hollywood, Television and Publishing, and if our “Shinning Stars” become “Agents for Change,” we can “Build A Better America,”, while improving the world through the United Nations’ “Sustainable Development Goals (SGD).”

By joining the A-GROUP, you can help end the chaos behind a dysfunctional government in Washington that is moving us toward a “Constitutional Crisis.”  “We, The People” have concluded that the antiquated Constitution needs reform to address the needs of the 21st century. In 1789, Thomas Jefferson said that the Constitution should be updated every 20 years. “No society can make a perpetual constitution, or even a perpetual law.Is it time to take this advice?. People are losing faith in our democracy, as foreign countries continue to influence our elections.  We have been taught that a true democracy reflects the will of the people; “one person, one vote.” So why does the “‘Electoral College,”, and not the “‘Popular Vote”, decide who will be President?  No matter who gets elected, “Political,” “Police,” “Prosecutorial” and “Prison” Reform” must happen to save our democracy and the lifestyle we enjoy. Washington has been exposed, and justice is more blind more than ever before.

America is the leader of the free world, but as we continue to implode, our dominance is slipping because of our poor response to COVID-19 and racism. We are 4% of the world’s population, but lead in cases with over 6 million infected, and over 200,000 deaths (this includes over 500,000 children with over 100 deaths).  When the Flu and COVID-19 meet this fall, our healthcare system could collapse. With about 1,000 people dying daily from the virus, schools and businesses continue to open and close to reduce the spread. This game of musical chairs provides little hope for normalcy. Unemployment numbers are at record highs, leaving us with a ‘“Health,” “Education” and “Economic” Crisis” not seen since the Great Depression. Our politicians are flying blind, and the White House’s new plan to fight COVID-19 is “Herd Immunity,” which will kill an estimated 3 million Americans. Experts say that there is no proof the concept even works. To reach “Herd Immunity,” states are now being told that masks are not a requirement.  This is contrary to the CDC, who says that masks can control the virus until we get a vaccine. The credibility of our government is so low, that people won’t take an unproven vaccine because “the cure may be worse than the virus.”

In addition to the threat of COVID-19, public safety is an issue as crime, shootings and murders are on the rise nationwide. We also have issues surrounding Criminal Justice Reform and Racial inequality, as police continue to be caught on camera killing Blacks as if their lives don’t matter. After the death of George Floyd, there were global protests as people marched for reform. Agitators disrupted peaceful demonstrations by looting, burning property, shooting protesters, and sewing seeds of fear, hate and violence. It is unfortunate, but there are some who believe a “Race War” is necessary to make America great again.  As the sound for “Civil War 2” gets louder, citizens are being radicalized for battle like never before. There are Politicians, the wealthy elite, clergy, and hate groups who still believe “chattel slavery” was good for the country.

They continue to promote the need for a dominant race, which excludes Blacks and people of color from positions of power and the American dream.

These occurrences in history continue to divide America:, the Confederate states losing the Civil War; the failure of Reconstruction, which promised aid to former slaves and rebuilding the South; and the passing the Civil Rights Bill by President Johnson, which further divided our nation. We have a “race war” between Blacks/People of Color, and Whites. We have a “class war” between the rich, middle class and the poor.

Now that “Armageddon Has Arrived,the prophecy will be fulfilled. Through the TOP, “The Meek Shall Inherit Earth” and the scale of justice will finally be balanced.  For America to become greater than ever, we must finally address “institutional racism.”  The “Pledge of Allegiance” states that we are “One Nation Under God.”  We hope that more Socially Responsible Celebrities who also believe in a “Higher Power,” will use their influence to help heal the nation.  Through the A-GROUP, we will win the “War of Armageddon” and make this a better world, regardless of race, religion, color, class, creed or ethnic background.  Let’s be clear, “Armageddon Has Arrived,and contrary to the popular lyrics of Gil Scott Heron, “the revolution” is taking place and being televised right before our very eyes.


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